BAM Accounting Help

Instructions for students

Your instructor will provide you with a URL to access the site. At the initial page, you will be prompted to register or sign in. To register, click the link "To register for your BAM Accounting Resources page click here." Provide your name, student ID, your email address and the password you would like to use. Select the Course you are taking and your instructor's name.

Your instructor or the course coordinator has determined which Years of the BAM will be covered during your course. The Years for which you will be paying will be listed once you select the Course. The price per Year is $10.

Payment for BAM is handled via PayPal. Once you have paid for the BAM Years to be used for your course, you will receive an email from confirming your active registration. At that time, you may return to the site and sign in. If at any time you forget your password, you may reset it from the sign in page. Once you login with your reset password, you will be able to change this temporary password to one of your choosing.

After successfully logging in to the site, you will see your personal BAM resources. Your course instructor or the coordinator for your course will set availability dates for the BAM Years. Once a set of resources for a given Year are available you will be able to click the "+" to see the resources that are available. Your instructor or coordinator can make different resources within the Year available on different dates as well.

Some Excel files within the BAM are coded with a file stamp specific to each student. You should make sure that you download your own file and do not use the file of one of your classmates.